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Surgical Way Of Removing Moles


If home remedies for mole removal doesn’t work for you, it is time to visit a medical doctor or dermatologist to carry out a surgical treatment. It could seem absolutely tempting and right to chop or shave off the mole by yourself. This is a horrible idea due to resulting effect that may emanate.

One of the few reasons why your mole is not responding to home treatments might be because you are suffering from cancer. Chopping off the mole will only delay the detection of cancer and not help the situation in anyway.

Since you are not a medical practitioner, or have any idea about surgery, it could be dangerous to try to perform such at home on your own. You might end up cutting the artery, which is a very fatal mistake.

Another reason for not trying surgical operations on your own is that the equipment might not be well sterilized, therefore putting you at the risk of contracting secondary infections.

It is practically impossible to acquire anesthetics locally, this means that that you’ll give yourself some severe ache. Even in case you are able to acquire some, you will definitely not know the way to administer it effectively. Another thing to note is that you will definitely be left with a scar.

When you go to the medical doctor, he will first have to determine whether or not a biopsy is required or not. After that, he may then proceed with one of the surgical ways of removing moles. Some are;

  1. Surgical shave: This is typically applied for removing non threatening moles with a distinct stalk. If performed properly, no scar will be visible.
  2. Surgical excision: This is surgical way of removing mole is comparable to a minor operation and the whole mole is taken off, even the part that is under the pores and skin. This can be accomplished mainly if your medical doctor suspects that your mole is a symptom of skin cancers. Stitches might be necessary after the procedure and the excised mole may be sent to a lab for a biopsy. No matter how dexterous the dermatologist might be, this technique will leave scar.
  3. Freezing Technique: In this procedure, the dermatologist will freeze your mole with liquid nitrogen. As soon as it is he applies it to the affected region, the mole can be cut off without problems and minimal bleeding. A blister will be left bit will heal in no time and you don’t have to worried about a
  4. Burning: if your dermatologist mentions this treatment, ask if other options can be used because there aren’t any tangible reasons for subjecting yourself to this painful technique. In this surgical way of removing moles, each layers of the mole are burnt with the heated wire. This process is very painful, particularly after the anesthetics used wears off and normally more than one session is required. The great heat cauterizes the wound immediately so there is reduced bleeding
  5. Laser treatment: Laser mole elimination is a very effective surgical way of removing moles but cannot be used to eliminate large moles or those that protrude above the skin. It is usually suitable for flat moles that are black or brown in color.

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