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How To Remove Moles With Honey

How to remove moles with Honey

Since I am certain that you are craving to how to remove a mole with honey, I will explain in detail how to successfully remove moles with honey. I know how frustrating it can be to get rid of a mole on your face seen by everybody. However, you will have a great relief of stress once you’re able to fight your moles and able to eliminate them by following simple methods in this post.

How does honey work

Honey is a natural healer, and the unrefined sugar crystals in it exfoliate and saturate the mole to break it down.

There are different ways to remove moles on your body. You can either go through the surgical processes that are expensive or use homemade remedies. The natural homemade remedies are cheap but require patience and consistency. But the surgical processes are fast but expensive.

Honey is a cheap homemade remedy that has been used to remove moles for so many years. Honey can be used remove moles by applying it in a variety of ways among which are;

Conventional method

In the morning after waking, apply honey on the affected area of your body. Repeat the process again before going to bed. This method is preferred by most people because it doesn’t require any preparation. Make sure you are consistent with this process.

Honey and hot water

Before going to bed, dip a towel in hot water, dab on the affected area. Press it and hold for about 15-30 seconds. This allows the opening of the skin pores for the honey to get inside. After pressing with a towel, apply honey on the mole.

Hot honey

Boil enough honey in for about 15 – 20 seconds. Deep your index finger in the honey and draw little. Rub the honey onto the skin of the affected area. The heat from the honey has the same effect as using the hot water.

Honey and Flaxseed for moles

Mixing flaxseed with honey is a more effective remedy for removing moles with honey. Mix three drops of flaxseed oil to a teaspoon of honey before applying it on the mole. Get a bandage to wrap around the mole and leave it on. You can also add castor oil to the mixture to make it more efficient.


Use a cotton wipe which is a little rough, rub on the surface of the mole. Apply some honey on the mole and rub in a circular motion. Afterward, put a bandage on the moles for a whole day to keep the moisture. This should only be done once in a day, because there may bay swelling and inflammation if you scratch the mole too much.

Honey and baking soda

Mix up a pinch of baking soda with some drops of castor oil. Apply this paste onto moles and stay overnight. Repeat regularly at least for 20 days or until moles remove. Baking soda is very effective to remove moles.

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