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Mole Removal Cost

Mole Removal Cost


Moles are very common, and most times are completely safe. A mole is a benign cancer, which creates clumps or clusters on top of the skin. Depending on the mole, there could be no pain, or some pain when touched. While moles are mostly safe, many people want to have their mole removed.


The average mole removal cost is between $100 and $500 for each mole. The actual mole removal cost depends on a few factors. These factors include the size of the mole, the location of the mole, the shape, and the type of mole. Moles that are in areas that are highly visible normally cost more to remove since the procedure takes more time, and needs to be done delicately. The depth of the mole also affects the price, as a deep mole could take a few treatments to make sure that mole has been completely removed.


The doctor who does the removal procedure will also impact the mole removal cost. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other specialists will have a higher rate than most general doctors. Your location will also impact the mole removal cost. This is mostly due to the demand for the service, and the cost of living. Most doctors who work in cities will charge more for mole removal.


The method of mole removal impacts the overall cost of the procedure. Since cryosurgery and lasers are more advanced than shaving and cutting, they cost much more. Depending on the mole and its location, the extra cost could be justified. Many patients use cryosurgery and lasers on facial moles since there is less chance of scars.


Another mole removal cost is if the mole needs to be biopsied to check for cancer. Most times, this will be covered by the patient’s insurance coverage.


Insurance Coverage


Mole removal is not normally covered by insurance. There are some cases that are covered, but the mole must be suspect of being malignant or precancerous. The mole removal cost for cosmetic reasons are almost never covered.


If you are looking to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons, you should get price estimates from doctors who are reputable. There are doctors who offer free consultations, so they can accurately judge the mole removal cost. Some doctors will give a discount to patients who pay in cash. There are also pre-approved credit lines that are offered by some offices if you are not able to pay up front. The payments are made monthly, and are affordable, so you do not need to worry about them. If you have any questions about the mole removal process, or the cost to have a mole removed, you should speak with a dermatologist or physician.

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