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How to Remove Moles

How to Remove Moles


There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration if you are looking at options on how to get rid of moles on the face. One of them is making sure that the mole is removed without leaving any noticeable scar. There are some people who decided to have their moles removed surgically, yet feeling dissatisfied with the scar that came as a result of it.


Most modern procedures involved in skin tags removal which need professional help include cutting the mole out, laser removal, cauterizing, or even freezing the mole. However, these procedures have a high tendency of scarring. This is particularly true if the hole after removal is large, needing stitches.


Natural Remedies Available


The good news is that there are ways to get rid of that itchy mole using natural remedies. There have been reports showing that apple cider works wonders in acting as a remedy for anything from sinus infections to weight loss. It comes with healing properties, which may also be effective after going through proceeding with removal of skin tags. Another solution is the use of cauliflower juice, onion juice, pineapple juice and honey. While there is no actual research done on these substances, anecdotal evidence is present.


One natural remedy which is backed up by actual study, however, is the use of castor oil. This oil comes from the castor seed and is pale-yellow and thick liquid. It is recognized generally as effective and safe, originally favored as a laxative. One reason why it is deemed effective is because of its capability to penetrate really deep into the skin. Also, castor oil is known for its high molecular mass, going down to the lower skin layers where the mole pigments are located.


Bottom Line


Most moles are generally harmless. However, some may also be cancerous. As such, it is highly recommended to check first with your doctor before trying home remedies for skin tags removal. This is particularly true if you notice some changes on your mole, such as with its size, color or shape. If it is determined by your doctor that the mole is harmless, you may opt to try the methods mentioned above. Any change can be a sign that there is something more serious within the mole; one that requires medical attention.


On the other hand, if the condition is serious, you might want to consult your doctor as to how to get rid of moles. After checking on all options possible, you can now decide whether or not surgical procedures are better for you. There are also modern procedures which will remove moles and surely not leave any scar on your face.

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