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Getting to Know More about Red Moles on Skin

Getting to Know More about Red Moles on Skin


The appearance of red moles on our skin, which also are known as cherry hemangiomas or Morgan spots, is something very natural and common among people. It has to do with our age and doesn’t have to make us feel afraid most of the times. It affects mostly the back and the area of our chest, but it also can occur in other places of our body like our neck, legs or even our face. Their size is almost 1 mm when they appear on our body, and they can develop up to 1cm as we get older.


Nobody knows their cause yet, but we could imagine that this has to do with plenty of reasons. Some of them include excessive sweat, anxiety, as well as the fabrics of our clothes, the soap that we use when we bathe or the lack of proper hygiene. In addition, what causes red moles includes organic dysfunctions because of what we eat, the lack of specific nutrition and proteins in our body, etc.


It also seems that skin tags are closely associated to heredity. This is why people whose parents suffered from these moles in the past are most likely to appear similar skin problems in their lifetime. More than that, women in specifically often experience hormonal changes and this can cause moles in certain cases.  The age when people begin to discover these moles on their body varies a lot. It is also often for moles to appear in people as they grow older.


When Should We Worry about Red Moles on Skin?


The only reason why we should be cautious when we see these moles on our skin is when we notice an exponential growth of warts in a really limited time. This means that there is a possibility of neoplasm and we should run all the proper and necessary examinations, in order to prevent any danger in its core.


The simplest and safest way to make them disappear is through laser procedures, which are highly recommended these days due to the huge progress that medical science has made throughout these years. The results of skin tag removal are very good, leaving no scars on our body and experiencing no side effects. If they appear at the same place on our skin over time, skin tags can be removed again without any risk.


It is important to take care of our health, and our body is our vessel. So we need to be careful and make sure that we promptly address any problem, in order to fix it. Problems with moles on our skin should not worry us, but we need to treat them as soon as possible for the optimal outcome.


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