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How to Get Rid of Moles and Skin Tags

How to Get Rid of Moles and Skin Tags


Most skin tag and moles do not need treatment. However, many people have skin tags removal or mole removal processers done. The most common reasons to get rid of a mole are discomfort, or the person does not like the look of their mole. So, how to remove a mole with help from a doctor?


Mole removal and skin tags removal can be done three ways. Some doctors will use a combination of the different methods to produce better results. In all these procedures, the area will be of numbed, or you can be asleep.




The first method of skin tags removal is cutting. Surgical scissors or a scalpel is used to cut off the skin tag. Depending on your mole, it could be shaved so it is flush with the rest of the skin. If your mole is deeper, the doctor could make a deeper cut to remove the mole and make sure that it does not grow back. This method could need stitches, depending on the depth of the cut.




This is a very common method for both mole and skin tags removal. Liquid nitrogen is swabbed or sprayed on the area. There could be a tiny blister where the skin tag or mole was, but it will heal in a few days by itself.




Burning uses an electric current to make a wire very hot. The wire is then used to burn the upper layers of the skin. Depending on your mole, it may take a few treatments to fully remove the mole. Skin tags removal by burning lowers the chance of bleeding and only takes one treatment.


If you have any bleeding due to mole removal or skin tags removal, the doctor will apply medicine to stop the bleed, and may apply a bandage. All three procedures leave no marks or scars after the healing process is completed.


How to Remove a Mole at Home?


There are many home remedies online, like cutting off your skin tags at home, or mixing up pastes to lighten a mole. These methods can lead to bleeding, scarring, and infection. Before starting the mole removal process, you should have your doctor check the mole. A mole does look very similar to skin cancer, so you should talk to your doctor to make sure.


Most moles are completely harmless, but a doctor show still check them before you have a mole removed. The best and most successful option is to have a doctor remove your mole or skin tag. There is less chance of pain, and you also do not run the risk of infection. Moles and skin tags are natural. However, if you are finding them painful, then you should speak with your doctor about having them removed.

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