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Flat Mole Removal – The DIY Approach

Flat Mole Removal – The DIY Approach


Contrary to what the majority of people tend to believe, there are quite a lot of different types of moles and skin tags. From the common red moles to the flat moles, it’s important to be aware of them in order to know how to react. Flat moles are usually dark brown or black in their color, and they can appear everywhere on your body in a cluster or by themselves. They have different textures which depend, and it is different from one person to another.


Now, it’s worth noting that approaching your flat mole removal at home by yourself is recommended only after you’ve consulted a professional dermatologist. This is due to the fact that a mole can easily be indicative of melanoma – a very dangerous skin condition which could also cause skin cancer. However, don’t get too worried just yet because it’s safe to say that the majority of skin moles and tags are benign and harmless. With this in mind, having consulted your doctor, let’s take a look at some effective flat move removal procedures to handle at home.


Apple Cider Vinegar


This is a particularly strong acid which is capable of helping you with your moles. It’s going to burn the skin cells which comprise the mole, and it’s going to slowly destroy them. It’s also particularly known for the strong anti-bacterial properties that it has, and this is going to ensure that the area is protected from some potentially dangerous secondary issues. It’s important to ensure that you aren’t actually allergic to it prior to using this DIY approach.


Castor Oil and Baking Soda


This is another way to get your mole removed. The mixture is particularly powerful, and it’s going to get rid of the improper faulty pigmentation and ensure flat mole removal. Make sure that you don’t apply the solution for more than a few minutes because it’s actually pretty strong.


Other solutions include using honey, ground flaxseeds as well as flaxseed oil and a variety of other natural substances. In any case, these are fairly economic and natural remedies. However, you should always keep in mind that professional procedures are going to be a lot more effective. Regardless of the fact that you are using natural remedies, they are not going to have the same efficiency in comparison to professionally carried out medical procedures. This is especially true now when the technologies have improved dramatically. So, you need to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages and stack them accordingly.

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